But when will the iPhone 5?

Following the announcement of the Apple iPhone 4S, the question everyone asks is: "But when will the iPhone 5? "

Yes, the iPhone 5, who revolutionized the genre, one whose design is green with envy all the competition, which contains the real news ... not the iPhone 4S, in short ...

We read, for here and there rumors of the iPhone 5 for next year in June. Let's face! Do you really think that Apple will release a new iPhone just six months after the previous one? Look at what is the current strategy of Apple with its iPod, iPad, Mac of all kinds. Have you seen a real revolution in these devices? No, they just "evolved". A white one for a new camera to the other, passing also through increased capacity.

So do not wait too iPhone 5 for the year 2012, at least do not expect in the first half of the year. In the meantime, throw yourself on the iPhone rather 4S, which, although a little disappointing, is one of the best smartphones on the planet!