Samsung Wave II Review - Samsung Launched

The first wave Samsung is the first Samsung phone system, Bada and characterize their updates from the App Store. Now the second wave has arrived, and although it looks unlike his older brother, from the outside, is here to prove there is still room for Android phones at their side Bada competing offers.

What we like
It is a well-built phone and looks very elegant part of the Samsung family. It does not seem out-of-place compared to other premium offerings such as Samsung Omnia their 7, with exception of the odd shape of the middle button below the screen.

The screen is larger than the original wave, and is now a 3.7-inch capacitive touch screen both bright and clear.

SMS and e-mail is easy with the pre-installed system traces T9 text input. It works just like Swype, slide your finger to each letter can you start hammering posts long enough in a messages in no time.

Bada-platform Samsung does not really have an enormous increase in activity since the first wave of Samsung to see, although many of the most popular applications and websites are now available, including Facebook, Google Search, PES 2011, Assassin’s Creed, the BBC and of course Samsung widgets.

We were surprised that our favorite radio iPhone app, the app on the radio TuneIn Samsung. Unfortunately it was not that we are national BBC radio broadcast, the podcast can be downloaded from the application.

There is also a 1GHz processor in Wave II and found that it was fast in both app store and display Web pages.

The five-megapixel camera does a good job with pictures, and we found the touch on the trigger side of the phone. The capture half of the press of a fire, and the pressure on the entire reputation as a "real" camera!

We do not like
In fact, it has not much changed since the original wave, and even if what is available on a mobile Bada has experienced phenomenal growth since its publication, it is a minnow compared to Android and Apple whales.

A major problem is that we had Google Maps. Because of our lack of awareness of space is an important feature for any phone you want to taken seriously as a smartphone. The feature of Google Maps on the Wave II with the Web browser, many of menus, a lot of back and a little profanity on the screen.


We also liked the photos that seem from time to time, and a little 'Scrappy drunken wave II in particular, the Facebook application, and we are not sure why this is so.

We also found that transition from a regular menu or our backgrounds (wallpapers) took the time and was a little frustrating. Although the widget with waves II to set these pre-Samsung-mail address of the widget and you can not necessarily the best one to use (such as a radio application) to directly on the homepage.

During the second wave has a large color touch screen you can surf the Internet, write e-mails and play all types of media, not the consistency of a BlackBerry, customization and size of an Android mobile, or the user experience of an iPhone.

This is a smart phone, but perhaps not in a place to do anything. Social networking is very good, and he begins where our music collection and photos of our microSD the phone without asking.

But for the price of the second wave, there are several, perhaps slower, slightly less attractive packaging Android phones, do what they do and more can.