download games Ball Rush 2 Xmas for Nokia 5000

Ball Rush 2 Xmas is back with more action, even more
levels, and even more fun to play! Do not waste your time to break
all blocks, you need only complete a level, then the
after, and the one after ...
To the top (the last level), where you must destroy everything!
In the game settings you can choose:
- Difficulty: "easy game" and "complex interplay"
- How the ball bounces off the racket: "Controls 1" for it
bounce realistically and "control 2" for the classic mode, which
comes from the old games of the genre.
4 - Left
6 - right
5 or 2 - send the ball
2 - up, 8 - down (see the bonus "radio control")
(or use the action and direction)
Left selection key - pause.