iphone 5: We hear about

The information comes from the site 9to5mac, it claims to have received items from a reliable source "close to Foxconn" (maker of the iPhone in China), indicating that there is evidence that "the iPhone 5 is now ready production. "
Moreover, the same source confirmed that the next generation iDevice incorporate a larger screen (4 ") probably by LG provides (at least for a large part of the component stocks). The American blogger John Grubber believes that the dimensions of the iPhone 5 (the front anyway) should not be larger than the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. The future display could therefore be closer to the edges of the future device as already evoked many rumors last year.
However, no information has yet been able to filter on the thickness of the iPhone 5. In the tradition of competition, such as the Samsung S2 Galaxy, no doubt that Apple may have designed the device whose thickness is much thinner.
The new iPhone 5 could be launched this autumn. The source of 9to5mac, she claims that it could already be introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) being held in San Francisco in June.
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