download games Ball Rush 2 for nokia 5000

Rush2 Ball is back with more action, more levels, and
even more fun to play! Do not waste your time to break all
blocks, you need only complete a level, then the one after, and
the one after ...
To the top (the last level), where you must destroy everything!

In the game settings you can choose:
-the difficulty: "easy game" and "complex interplay"
-the way the ball bounces off the racket: "Controls 1" for it
bounce realistically and "control 2" for the classic mode, which
comes from the old games of the genre.
4 - Left
6 - right
5 or 2 - send the ball
2 - up, 8 - down (see the bonus "radio control")
(or use the action and direction)
Left selection key - pause
good luck, but be careful - the speed of the ball increases
controls with the stylus
touch the screen to the left of the racket - left
touch the screen to the right of the racket - right
bonus for "radio control":
touch the top of the screen - top
touch the bottom of the screen - low   
  (or use the action buttons and direction)