Working conditions Apple suppliers in China

American as the presidential election, the tabloids and the Anglo-Saxon press has started issuing calls for a boycott of Apple products. If we have long known the difficult working conditions in Chinese subcontractors (including Foxconn), this time the phenomenon is rather a criticism launched against the Cupertino company to force it to relocate part of its production in the United States.
Steve Jobs is no longer there order to say the phrase that cuts any discussion, it is Tim Cook, the new CEO, who will have to manage this crisis.

Especially in most of the press, we will soon see the competing companies up to the plate to fan the embers hoping some profits out of consumers' doubts. To this, Apple can always argue that the whole industry is manufacturing its products in China. If Apple actually make more than others, it is because they sell more ...
This movement began across the Atlantic-you can have it resonate in Europe?
There is no evidence that the problems affect both Chinese customer. The lines at the Apple Store every time you launch a new product suggest that the fanboy does not arise the question of where and how gadgets are made that he is hungry!
In the medium term, for France, which could hinder sales, it is a subsidy of less common terminal operators associated with a decrease in purchasing power ...