download games Erotic Galaxy 2 for nokia 5000

How the crew of a spaceship in combat can not thank you
he release some tension? Some young women luscious and very
denuded by a short walk to the edge it may help? Of course,
it was a mistake using them to climb aboard, but it is too late to
turn around, now. You do not have no choice but to focus
still on the real problems: the unknown worlds, asteroids and
alien forces ready to attack you. To return from your trip
the uncharted depths of the cosmos, your shots will be accurate and you
must pass complicated calculations as well as difficult maneuvers. but
do not forget these beautiful plants just waiting to relax during
moments of respite between battles.

Key features:
The most beautiful girls in suggestive poses the most
Dozens of levels, full of terrible asteroids and alien craft
A hall of records
Stunning graphics